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Establishing a new culture.

Swimming is one of the activities not just a sport that has huge potential in the country, but is still hugely underdeveloped. The sea, pools and all other water bodies are source of fear to a lot of us. There are several reasons that can be attributed to this, but we want to take up the mantle with an aim of developing swimming hugely in the Central Region and making Cape Coast the home of the finest swimmers in Ghana. We also hope to use Cape Coast as a model that diffuses a new acceptance of swimming into our culture. This we believe can have positive and measurable effects on health, economic as well as social issues of development. ANOPA in cooperation with the Sport Youth NRW from Germany has decided to take it up to help make swimming a part of our life!

Why learn how to swim?

Safety in and around the water is greatly enhanced by being able to swim.

#1 Fact about swimming

Swimming events at ANOPA.

The Swimming Clinic is a 15 days Swimming-Program organized from ANOPA in collaboration with the Sport Youth NRW in Germany.​ The main aim is to educate local swimming instructors to teach swimming independently. The Swimming Clinic contains didactic thoughts about organizing a swimming lesson and physical swimming practice. The educational structure of the project is divided into two levels.


Level 1: Basic Techniques

Level 2: Advanced swimming

ANOPA also offers a course, that aims to teach swimming and possible, unearth the next champions from Africa. Everyone, who is willing to learn how to swim, can participate. The ANOPA Swimming course usually runs for three months. The course hours are flexible so that it will suit everyone. We start from the very beginning and learn to cope with water. Part of this is exhaling/breathing, diving, floating, jumping and gliding. You get more confident in the water and learn your first swimming techniques like crawl and breaststroke.

Interested in joining our ANOPA swimming program as a student or coach? Make sure to contact us and request more info about our courses, training hours and swimming clinics.

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