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Nothin leaves earth. 

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As part of our plans to curb the environmental canker of improper waste management, we have come up with the NothinLeavesEarth initiative where we educate students and the general public on the need for environmental sustainability. We do this by introducing to them the problem at hand, the causes, effects and some solutions to this big problem.

In order to transfer this new way of thinking, we have fostered collaborations with FEB (a health NGO) and ASBOG (Association of Sports broadcasters of Ghana) which two help us in educating the public on the ills of improper waste management.

As a sport for development NGO, ANOPA Project is also concerned about the environment and the general sanitation of the communities in which we live and operate. This has become even more important due to recent cases of Cholera outbreak for which the National Sanitation Day was instituted as well as recent statistics that Ghana is the 7th Dirtiest Country in the World. Research has attributed the problem mainly to the lack of proper waste management systems and the general attitude of carelessness for the environment. ANOPA Project therefore seeks to embark on an environmental sanitation program which will impact into students and the general public, a sense of responsibility for the environment.


The three initiatives.

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MadLam Initative

This is an approach where we visit two to three schools every week to educate the pupils about environmental sanitation. Here, we make it clear that environmental pollution is a big problem and can go a long way to affect health and wealth hence, they as pupils have a role to play in safe-guarding the neatness of our land. After we play a few games with them, we also teach them how to reuse certain recurrent waste that degrades the land. We do this by introducing certain basic up-cycling techniques to the pupils. This, we believe, will cause a great impact in the near future because the children we educate today are the future leaders tomorrow.


Kofi Nudlemann Initiative

Here, we make image videos and jingles to educate the public on the need to protect the environment. This media is then published on all social media platforms in order to further spread our message.

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As part of our research, we realized that there are very few waste management systems where people can conveniently put their waste and so we conceived an idea that we termed the STICK4BIN concept. With this, we have produced some hand bands and stickers to be sold in order to gather enough financial resources to provide bins for the less privileged areas in Cape Coast. How we gather these resources is an all-inclusive approach where, after we educate you about the sanitation, we urge you to buy into our idea by purchasing a souvenir to serve as a pledge to keep the environment clean. This souvenir will also be a reminder that you have a part to play in this whole sanitation agenda and also, help us get some bins for Cape Coast.

Support a cleaner Ghana.

This is our idea, this is our plea. Together we can make a clean Cape Coast and a clean Ghana so please join us and support our initiative. Thank you. 

Sarah N. L. Lamptey,
Public Relations ANOPA Project

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