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  • What are the estimated monthly costs in Ghana? (as a volunteer)
    It’s difficult to generalize but in case you’d like to travel occasionally, eat outside, go out on weekends, etc. you should calculate approximately 400 € If you intend to cook more often at the house and in general spend your money more sparingly you might not need more than 150€ Concluding, costs of living depend on your living style so the estimations should just provide perceived reference
  • How does the daily routine within the NGO look like? (as a volunteer)
    Usually, you have administrative work to do in the morning and forenoon, e.g. writing reports, having meetings, etc. PR related work is extremely important for ANOPA. Therefore, you need to update the social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram as well as the website you are just reading ANOPA wants to improve its processes by monitoring & evaluation. It is wished that volunteers gather data based on the tools of the system and further develop the manual Preparation is key in order to guarantee an effective training session. Thus, volunteers should communicate with the local coaches frequently and put up short, medium and long term training plans which should also be monitored and evaluated. In the afternoon, the training sessions take place. Due to lack resources, we sometimes need limit ourselves to just a few sport offers. However, inclusive swimming is our key element and is always conducted. Flexibility is something that is requested when you come and work in Ghana. Generally, it can be said that the way of working differs from the one most volunteers are used to from their own country. Thus, you need to be able to adjust. Anyway, your own input and initiative is highly welcomed. ANOPA grew along the years due to the engagement of different people with different backgrounds. That’s why we say we want to approach our work and projects with different views.
  • How long is the volunteer service supposed to be?
    The longer the better – though we understand that not everyone is able to spend 6 months and above we want to emphasize that working with us for less than 3 months is not recommended and not wanted. The reason is that one will need some time to adjust into a new culture and into a new work environment.
  • What makes ANOPA so special?
    ANOPA is a small NGO which allows volunteers to really participate in the daily activities and introduce new initiatives. However, we work along a long-term plan so you need to fit in to the common game plan as well We benefit from a great network on the regional, national and international level. Especially, the cooperation with international stakeholders in the field of sports enhance our NGO. There have also been numerous scientific works with and about ANOPA The long-term experience of the local volunteers and coordinators with international volunteers will help you in order to have a fruitful and enriching time in Ghana
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