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Sports programs

Sports for development.

ANOPA's leading goals are “one world” / “youth for youth”, because we are living in the same world and are willing to connect to each other, to support others around the globe. Especially for the young people who are coming together and trying to exchange their different backgrounds. ANOPA builds on the enthusiasm of young people for sports and encourages them to take a serious look at socially relevant issues. It equally aims at the development of structures and networks within the sport community in the country particularly in the Central Region/Cape Coast.


ANOPA Project is one of the few existing NGOs in Ghana that has swimming lessons as part of its curriculum and the only one in Cape Coast. Unlike before the interest in swimming among the children has increased and the number of kids who want to join the Swimming Club is overwhelming. At the moment, the project has two swimming groups that train two times a week with about 15 kids in each group. Although swimming is not a popular sport in Ghana; the project is using it as a major tool for development in Cape Coast.


Our soccer teams (U-12 and U-17) are made up of about 35 kids between the ages of 10 and 17. Members of both teams come from various schools around the Adisadel community in Cape Coast. ANOPA advocates for no school no sports policy in its programs and the concept has helped improved school enrollment in some parts of Coast Coast and has also helped instill discipline among participants especially the soccer clubs. Both teams train twice a week. Contact us for more info


The ANOPA Basketball Team is one of the first teams under the ANOPA Project and runs since that time continuously successfully. The players come from different Junior High Schools in Cape Coast. The training takes place twice a week. The team is equipped with a set of jerseys, balls and other training equipment.


The ANOPA Volleyball team was the first all girls team under the ANOPA Project. The girls come from the St. Anglican Christ Church and St. Nicolas Junior High School in Cape Coast and are aged between 14 and 16 years. The training takes place currently once a week - Wednesdays from 4:00pm to 5:30pm held on the grounds of the Police Headquarters in Cape Coast. It is expected to integrate new players from nearby junior high schools, build an additional team for boys and expand the training times in the near future. 


You have expertise or a coaching license in a different sport? Contact us if you want to help us add your sport to the ANOPA sports programs. We are currently offering collaborations to Surfing, Wrestling and Taekwondo programs.

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