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The Executive Director of ANOPA to receive the Dr. Nina L Meyerhof Leadership Award 2023 in the USA.


Ernest Appiah is an accomplished Social Worker and Social Entrepreneur, boasting a wealth of experience exceeding 21 years. In 2010, he was appointed by the Government of Germany-North Rhine-Westphalia to spearhead their groundbreaking Sports for Development Project in Ghana. As the Project Coordinator, Ernest harnessed the power of sports to expedite youth development initiatives.

Under Ernest's visionary leadership, the ANOPA PROJECT, initially focused on leveraging sports as a catalyst for positive change, experienced a remarkable transformation. He successfully transitioned it into a non-governmental organization (NGO), broadening its scope to include a diverse range of beneficiaries. Notably, Ernest extended support to differently-abled children, such as the blind, deaf, and those with intellectual and developmental disabilities(IDDs). Through his unwavering commitment and innovative approach, Ernest Appiah has demonstrated an exceptional ability to harness the potential of sports and social work for societal progress. His dedication to empowering marginalized communities and championing inclusiveness has garnered widespread recognition.

Ernest's remarkable journey stands as a testament to his profound impact on youth development and his tireless efforts to create a more inclusive society. His works continues to inspire and transform lives, leaving an indelible mark on the field of social entrepreneurship.

With a proven track record of driving positive change and an unwavering passion for uplifting others, Ernest Appiah remains at the forefront of social work and social entrepreneurship, setting a shining example for future generations.

THE Dr. Nina Meyerhof Leadership Award, 2023-USA

The Dr. Nina L Meyerhof Leadership Award, established by the Jacobs-Abbey Global Institute for Leadership Studies, is a distinguished recognition given to individuals who have dedicated their lives to bringing about positive social change. This award acknowledges his relentless efforts in the fight against poverty and injustice.

The award presentation will take place during the 4th Jagils Annual Banquet and Awards Night, which is scheduled to be held at the Hilton Alexandria, Mark Center, in the Commonwealth of Virginia USA in November, 2023.

Mr. Ernest Appiah will be receiving his distinguished Leadership Award on the same platform with Mr. Darren M. Haynes, an eleven-time Emmy Awards-winning Sports Anchor, and Sports Director of CBS affiliate WUSA in Washington who will also be receiving the Jagils Lifetime Achievement Award 2023 and will also serve as a Keynote Speaker at the event.


Mr. Ernest Appiah has led the ANOPA PROJECT to win the CHARITY ORGANIZATION OF THE YEAR AWARD 2022, by the Centre for Africa Corporate Business Honors and Expo, Ghana.

ANOPA PROJECT Received a citation for BEST PHYSICAL AND MENTAL ADVOCTAE OF THE YEAR, 2022 by Humanitarian Award Global, Ghana.

And nominated for the EDUCOM AWARDS 2022 in Ghana.

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