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Targeting a clean Cape Coast

There is no doubt, that Cape Cast has a huge waste issue. Everyone sees it, but someone has to take the initiative. This someone is ANOPA Project. We decided to face this problem and we created an initiative called NothinLeavesEarth. Besides the sport activities ANOPA is doing, there is a lot of work to do for Cape Coast.

As the Oguaa Traditional Council has officially announced ANOPA as the organizers for the clean up exercise connected to the Fetu Afahye, we are psyched to get things in place for a clean Cape Coast.

The plan is to raise awareness about the waste issue and how to handle it; search for solutions and get in contact with as many people as possible. Through image videos, small documentations, school visits etc., we are prepared to make this project sustainable and long lasting.

On the 29th August, 2015, the clean up exercise will take place and we want it to be the most massive clean up in the history of Cape Coast.

Join and support ANOPA and the #NohinLeavesEarth campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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