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Takoradi Games 2014 are over!

The TakoradiGames2014 are over. It was a great day of sports. 

As part of efforts to socialize with other children from different region and different sporting discipline, the project embarked on this all important sports festival to enable the children to have the opportunity to meet other sports enthusiasts within their age range. Also the ANOPA kids had the opportunity to meet and interact with their own peers within the project but in other disciplines. About 192 children drawn from soccer (U13 & U15), Swimming, Volleyball, Basketball were selected to take part in the Takoradi Games.

First swimming competition for ANOPA-Kids The whole ANOPA-Team left Cape Coast at 6am to head towards the swimming competition at Africa Beach Hotel. It would be the first event of the day and it was an exciting one. The day showed that especially our ANOPA-Competition team is on a very good way. 

Divided into three groups (Girls I, Boys I & II) the ANOPA swimming kids competed in Breaststroke and Freestyle. Each group was swimming in first round heats, semi and final heats. 6 competitions produced 5 different winners. Only 13years old competition team member Comfort Dzakah was able to win both, the breaststroke as well as the freestyle, competitions.

Volley & Basketball to start events at St.John's After an eventful morning of swimming, all the project kids together with the coaches went straight to the premises of the St. Johns Senior High. On the volleyball court a short opening ceremony was held to herald the event for the day. At 11.30am the St.John's competitions started with the girls Volleyball game. In a close game the ANOPA girls unfortunately fell short with 0-2 sets against the local team from Takoradi. A result which the boys team made up for later by winning their game with a score of 3-1 sets. Probably the most convincing performance of the teamsport competitions was given by the ANOPA Basketball team which was able to win their game by a margin of more than 50 points against the St.John's Old Saints. 

Soccer matches to finish the TakoradiGames2014

After a successful basketball and volley game, the entire group proceeded to the soccer field for commencement of the first game. The ANOPA U13 team held their counterparts to a draw during the first half. But in the second half the trend changed and the host team won the game with an impressive performance. There was no doubt however that the ANOPA team held on to a good and quite impressive game. The ANOPA U15 soccer team also gave the spectators a good game to the admiration of all. Although the ANOPA side lost their opponents was left with a good impression on their minds due to the impressive play of the ANOPA team.

After a long and exciting day, the ANOPA team left Takoradi at 6pm to leave for home, Cape Coast.

Thanks to everyone who made this event so successful! Full gallery part 1 here Full gallery part 2 here

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