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Philip Obeng receives support from Charity Dance Workshop held in Germany.

Philip Obeng has been one of the many success stories from RYTHM Foundation's sponsored Project dubbed "Education through Sport for Deaf and Blind Children in Ghana" in partnership with the ANOPA Project.

Philip is the only child of his mother, Vivian who lives in a remote village in the Central Region of Ghana called Assin Aworoso.

Philip's father left his mother after discovering that his son was deaf. This left a huge financial burden on the mother who could not afford to take care of her son. At the age of 10 Philip was left to attend the mainstream school in their village rendering him timid and unassertive because of his condition and his inability to communicate with his peers.

In 2021, Philip Obeng was rescued by ANOPA Project through our partnership with the RYTHM Foundation. After a successful health assessment screening he was admitted to the Cape Coast School for the Deaf and Blind, a special school through a complete scholarship provided by the RYTHM Foundation. Today Philip has a prowess and dexterity in the sign language, his communication has improved dramatically, has become more

active and still in school learning to become an important personality in future. We are confident that Philip now has a bright future deservedly of every child regardless of their condition including differently-able children.

As part of our sustainable drive Philip has received support in the form of payment of his PTA levy, provision of edibles for boarding house, personal hygiene items, books for academic purposes among others. This gesture became possible after our Charity Dance Workshop organized by our International Funding Officer Katie Bohnorf in Germany.

Under this charity, ANOPA Project hopes to support many more of the deaf and blind children who benefitted from the ANOPA Project and the RYTHM Foundation's program that ran from 2019 to 2022.

Sustainable development for differently-abled children is one of ANOPA Project's hallmarks and we are confident to stick by it. A very big thank you to all our dance coaches, families, donors, contributors and everyone who got involved. ANOPA PROJECT-PLAY FOR FUN, LEARN FOR LIFE.

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