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Medals @LCS Swim Meet

The Lincoln swim meet is an annual swimming event hosted and organized by Lincoln Community School (Ghana). This year's edition brought together schools and teams from Nigeria and Ghana, The AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL (Lagos), FRENCH SCHOOL (Accra), TESANO DOLPHINS (Accra), ANOPAPHINS (Cape Coast) AND LINCOLN COMMUNITY SCHOOL (Accra).It was a 2 day meet from the 30th of January to the 31st of January.

This year's event was much talked about and most anticipated, because it was first time the GHANA SWIM Team members (Ophelia Swayne, Abeiku Jackson, and Kwesi Jackson) all from TESANO Dolphins, were being involved in any local competition after their heroics in Glasgow and Beijing. This competition was also the first of its kind for the ANOPAPHINS, so they were in as the underdogs. The Nigerian fraternity also had their own charm which nobody knew and the Lincoln Swim Team also lead by Karl Joker and Karoline Joker were also poised to prove a point.

The whole experience was remarkable and will always stay in the minds of the ANOPAPHINS. Anthony (ANOPAPHINS), the young kid who it was his first time standing a starting block, slipped into the water when the race started but manage to fight his way through to win the 25meter breaststroke. The ANOPAHINS came out of the meet with 6 medals.

The spectacle of the meet was the Boys 15 & over 200 SC Meter Freestyle Relay. This race got everyone on their feet and cheering. The TESANO Dolphins were trailing by 5 seconds after the first lap but when it got to the Jackson brother's, the cheer now was 'Go Ghana' because they were the only Ghanaians in the race. The current champion of Ghana, Abeiku Jackson ended the race with a time of 1:47.05, followed by Lincoln with a time of 1:54.37. As the crowd stood up to cheer 'Go Ghana', it become a hope that this cheer will be heard in the 2020 Olympics games, where Ghana will stand to cheer one of its own to bring us a medal in swimming.

For ANOPAPHINS we say ...' WHY NOT BELIEVE? We are proud of our kids and we urge them to keep believing.  Full gallery here

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