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Many Deaf and Blind Students from the Cape Coast School for the Deaf and Blind find it extremely difficult to report to School on time whenever school resumes due to the inability of their parents and guardians to provide their basic needs for them for school. This is due to the financial burden placed on many such parents who are mostly into petty trading or farming. This development has over the years hampered the academic performance of these students and also delays the academic process of the School.

You find the school completely empty even four weeks into. Many parents find it extremely difficult to even provide transportation fares to their wards to enable them report to school on time.

ANOPA Project in collaboration with the RYTHM Foundation from 2019 to 2022 has been very instrumental in supporting many of these students with the needed and necessary items in helping them access education.

This time around our Funding Coordinator, Katie Bohnorf from Germany organized a Charity Dance Lessons with selected dance instructors in Germany to raise funds to enable us to continue supporting some underprivileged Deaf and Blind Students of the School.

The Students were supported with their transport to school, payment of their PTA levies, provision of educational materials, food items and beverages, sandals, personal hygiene items among others.

In the ensuing weeks we hope to reach many more of such students and offer support to them to be able to stay in school and learn.

We thank everyone who made this possible and hope that we are able to do more for other extremely under privileged students.

At ANOPA we believe in Project sustainability and we are positive that we will be able through the benevolence of groups, partners and our social enterprise endeavor continue to contribute towards the journey we started with the RYTHM Foundation towards the plight of

the Deaf and Blind children in Ghana.

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