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Back-to-School tournament 2012

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

What a wonderful day! ANOPA Project (and FIFA Football For Hope) organized a great Soccer-Gala. Before the official tournament all the players and fans made a float through Cape Coast. Thereby we showed the public concern of Sport in general. Sport resp. Soccer is not just scoring goals, it is also a tool for a better education, learning life values and respecting social moral.

Apart from these important side aspects, we saw good and tight soccer games: Most of the games went to the penalty shoot out. Both ANOPA Teams came to the final. Our U12 Team had good nerves and won their penalty shoot out. Unfortunately our U15 Team was defeated in a long and exciting penalty shoot out. Besides we like to mention that two of our players became the “Most Valuable Player” of the tournament. It was a successful day for all participants, ANOPA and Cape Coast.

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