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ANOPA wins 1-0 at GNC

The game between ANOPA and GNC does fairytales like no other football rivalry but it excelled itself this afternoon. In a hard fought match the ANOPA-Team, consisting of volunteers, coaches and youth players, won the annual rivalry match against the GhanaNationalCollegeTeachers-Team with a result of 1-0. It is the first time in the history of the rivalry that a game in the crowded GNC-Stadium did not end in a draw.

After playing tough defense in the first half, the ANOPA-Team, coached by our new volunteer Stephan, came back with a new mindset to start the second half. After the opening whistle for the last 30minutes ANOPA poured towards the GNC Goal. The reward for all the effort was given in the 38th minute. Overwhelming midfielder and ANOPA SwmmingCoach Isaac, scored a wonderful goal, executing a lovely instep kick, after a priceless Reymo Nickens assist, to give ANOPA the only goal it needed on the day.

During the rest of the game the team was able to overcome several setbacks, such as when the GNC-Team played with 14 players at the same time on the pitch for several minutes during the end of the second half. The referee of the day, a GNC student, refused to give his statement about the troublesome second half.

It was up and down, exhilarating and exhausting, heartbreaking and life-affirming. But at the end of one of the most dramatic days in ANOPA's long, colourful football history, they were winners.

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