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ANOPA Swimming clinic 2013

Yesterday the ANOPA Swimming Clinic has started with an official Opening Ceremony. Participants, the public and the media were invited to take part in this event at the SamRit hotel. The ceremony started with the performance of an African Dance and Drumming group that created a special atmosphere in the conference room at SamRit hotel. After welcoming the selected participants Ernest Appiah as the Project Coordinator of ANOPA as well as the Chairman of ANOPA’s Project Implementation Committee both underlined the importance of swimming for Ghana and especially for ANOPA. Swimming is what ANOPA will keep focusing on. It is ANOPA’s aim to use this idea as a model that will help to build acceptance of swimming in the Ghanaian culture.

The Swimming Clinic will serve as a platform to promote swimming and help people – non-swimmers as well as swimmers – to learn how to become future swimming instructors themselves. The first class runs until October 18th. Every afternoon from 2pm to 6pm the participants (non-swimmers) will be taught the theoretical and practical knowledge of swimming. They will acquire the necessary swimming skills as well as the skills of how to teach a swimming class to other people. After successful completion of the class the participants have the chance to get an official certificate.

ANOPA wants to thank all its contributors without whom this special event could not have happened. Special thanks to the Sports Youth North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany, our highly-experienced swim instructors Matthias and Sandra who came all the way from Germany as well as our new partner SamRit Hotel. Full gallery part 1 here Full gallery part 2 here

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