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ANOPA Project supports three blind siblings at the Cape Coast School for the deaf and blind.

Frederick Yankson with his two sisters Benedicta Yankson and Blessing Yankson are three blind siblings with the Cape Coast School for the Deaf and Blind. The real situation with majority of the students is their inability to report back to school after vacation. Most often parents do not have transport fares for their wards to enable them report to school upon reopening.

Sometimes students spend months at home until such time parents are able to afford transport fares for their wards.

ANOPA Project and RYTHM Foundation have over the years supported many such students with transportation fares to school. Today Frederick and his sisters have been provided with transport fares to report to school. They have also been given provisions and other educational accessories to enable them stay in school and learn. Among other deaf and blind students the Project also paid for their PTA levies. Let us support inclusive education for all.

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