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ANOPA Project gives support to four deaf children to enroll at Cape Coast School for the deaf.

As part of our Educational Support Program (ESP) for deaf and blind children, ANOPA today began enrollment process for four deaf children between the ages of 7 and 14 who have had no education since they were born. Their parents inability to support them with education is due to lack of finance and their inability to enroll in a normal school because of their condition.

ANOPA Project would assist these children to undergo their first hearing assessment at the school to ascertain their position to be fully admitted. ANOPA would again provide these deaf children with educational materials and other educational accessories, provisions, school uniforms and payment of their PTA levy to enable them start school and give them the opportunity to stay in school. They would also be enrolled on our swimming lessons and other auxiliary sports in school to help foster their inclusion and integration.

All this development has become possible with the support of RYTHM Foundation. RYTHM Foundation in partnership with ANOPA has over the years given immense support to deaf and blind children through sports, particularly swimming and others such as football, basketball among others.

Every child has the right to education and play sports regardless of their condition or disability.

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