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The AGORO NE OBRAPA (ANOPA) Project in Ghana has completed the signing of a four-year volunteer placement agreement with the Association for International and Intercultural exchange (VIA e.v)-Germany under the weltwärts programme.

Under the agreement the contracting partners agree on the implementation of international volunteer placements on the basis of common learning objectives.

Volunteer placements are educational placements offering young adults the possibility to make various new experiences while being supported pedagogically and professionally. The volunteers get the chance to reflect on their experiences and broaden their horizon.

Learning is primarily focused on intercultural and personal development processes and pursues various objectives: counteracting stereotypes and racism, promoting tolerance and mutual respect, creating awareness for a peaceful coexistence in a globalized world, experiencing the personal effectiveness by taking action in the fields of social and development policy.

The volunteers would support our institutions and enrich them with their works and backgrounds while at the same time developing their personalities, acquiring social and intercultural skills among others where after returning to their home country, volunteers may promote intercultural dialogue in a globalized world.

According to the Executive Director of ANOPA Project, Mr. Ernest Appiah, volunteering can bring meaning and purpose to one’s life, while increasing self-esteem and wellbeing. He further mentioned the need for young adults in Ghana to take up voluntary roles within their communities to help promote their overall development while acquiring the necessary skills for the job market. He further stated that the ANOPA Project since its inception in 2010 has benefitted immensely from the contribution of volunteers particularly from Germany and calls on the Ghanaian youth to take advantage of this unique opportunity to embrace volunteerism abroad and also in their home country.

ANOPA (AGORO NE OBRAPA) Project is a Sport for development NGO based in Cape Coast, Ghana. The main objective of the Project is using and promoting sport as a tool for strengthening diversity and inclusiveness, education and empowerment of youth, women and girls, inclusion of persons/children with disabilities particularly deaf, blind, others with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDDs) and other vulnerable groups thereby fostering peaceful and inclusive societies.

ANOPA Project since 2010 has aligned and cooperated through funding initiatives with reputable institutions including the German Government-Nothrhine-Westphalia-Germany (SPORTJUGEND), the French Embassy-Ghana, Memphis Foundation-Netherlands, Global-Giving-USA, Visio International and the RYTHM Foundation.

Our immense contribution towards the SDGs and persons with disabilities especially the deaf and the blind won the Project a citation at the Humanitarian Awards Global (HAG) in 2022.

In the same year 2022, ANOPA Project again won the Charity Organization of the Year 2022 Award organised by the Centre for Africa Corporate Business Honors in Accra, Ghana.

The ground breaking intervention programme of the ANOPA Project with funding from the RYTHM Foundation since 2019 won the CSR Excellence award 2023 under the Youth and Disability Inclusion Category organised by the Centre for CSR, West Africa in Ghana

Since its inception in 2010 ANOPA Project has helped better the lives of thousands of children, youth and parents in education, vocation and sport while promoting inclusion at the same time. The primary target groups for this intervention are the deaf, blind, persons and children with Intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs), Schools, Communities, Parents among others.

Mr. Ernest Appiah, the Executive Director of ANOPA Project signed the Partnership Agreement for volunteer placement on behalf of ANOPA Project and Ms. Odile Woni, Director for Volunteer Services in Africa represented VIA e.v -Germany.

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