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ANOPA Project and RYTHM Foundation send two deaf children to school.

Elizabeth Arthur 11, and Richmond Aikins 7 are two deaf children in Saltpond in the Central Region of Ghana. Both Elizabeth and Richmond are from different families and are both from single parents. Although they have both passed the school going age, they have never had the opportunity at any form of education due to their condition and also the financial situation of their mothers.

As part of our program, Education through Sports for Deaf and Blind Children, with sponsorship from the RYTHM Foundation they have both received the necessary support to enroll at the Cape Coast School for the Deaf and Blind.

They received educational accessories including text books and writing pads, chop boxes, sport bags, mattresses, brooms, cutlasses, school bags, provisions, school and other set of uniforms among others. In addition their admissions fees have paid after going through the pre-assessment process at the hospital.

We say a very big thank you to the RYTHM Foundation for making it possible for differently-abled children including the deaf and the blind to have access to general and inclusive education, sports and access to other social integration programs in Ghana.

Kudos to Madam Elke and Ms. Katie from Germany for also contributing to the overall admission process of Elizabeth and Richmond.

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